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When he was just a child, Fernando Gil, had his first contact with the world of manufacturing and mechanics in his father’s workshop in Sagunto, a city in the Valencian Community. From that fascinating place he would get the curiosity and passion with which he faced his higher studies in Switzerland, the country where he lived for 25 years. After this period he returned to Valencia with the firm intention of creating his own label, which he would successfully achieve in 1988 with the foundation of Systemtronic.

Our permanence in the market for more than 30 years is supported by the work and effort we put into satisfying the needs of the people who buy our products, in an increasingly competitive, changing and demanding environment. If society evolves, so do we, without ever forgetting our essence: at Systemtronic we create solutions and inspire emotions. Our catalogue is increasingly suited to all types of spaces and functions and includes products from very talented designers, as well as those we develop within our own technical office. Our daily challenge is the quality of the product we offer, for which we actively work on training our employees, as well as keeping a close watch on the manufacturing processes in order to find their critical points and to make continuous improvements.

We hope that the fantasies of that child who played in his father’s workshop continue to multiply and become a reality within our team.

fernando gil systemtronic
distribucion internacional. systemtronic.

international distribution

Systemtronic products have been included in the interior design of numerous projects around the world.

We are pleased to have worked with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the world today, including: GCA Architects, David Chipperfield Architects, De Planta & Associés Architectes, Fokkema & Partners Architecten, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, CBRE, BAROZZI VEIGA, Herzog & de Meuron, IA Interior Architects, RBTA – Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura.

Our end customers include: Amazon, Amorepacific Corporation, Banco Sabadell, BBVA, Google, Berghotel Maibrunn, BNP Paribas, Cartier, Facial Clinique, Firmdale Hotels, La Casa Agency, ILUNION Hotels, La Caixa, Apple, Hotel Sixtytwo, AXA, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Meliá Hotels & Resorts, Rumailah Hospital, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Palma Sport & Tennis Club, Hipotels, Caroll, H10 Hotels, Novartis… This plurality of clients has allowed the presence of our products in many countries, including Australia, United States, Korea, Morocco, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.


Our furniture is manufactured with the best raw materials, guaranteeing an always new and lasting look. They also stand out for their adaptability and modern design, and express a concept of permanence in time and coexistence with new trends.

At Systemtronic, quality is a daily challenge with which we have managed to ensure that all our products meet the requirements of European regulations on ergonomics and safety. This has allowed us to be endorsed by the Quality Symbol awarded by AIDIMME, the Metal-Mechanical Technology Institute, Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related.

Systemtronic’s quality policy actively includes the continuous training of its employees. Following this line, an exhaustive control of the manufacturing processes is carried out in order to find their critical points and to exercise a continuous improvement on them, in search of perfection.

The quality of our products, combined with personalised customer service, is the key to Systemtronic’s success and the motivation behind our daily efforts.


fabricado en europa. systemtronic. muebles

produced in Europa

Systemtronic’s factory has been established in the city of Valencia since its foundation, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. All our products are manufactured in Europe, being our main suppliers, which allows us to have a fast and absolute quality control in every detail of the production and offers us an advantageous flexibility in adapting to the changes of the market and to the demands of personalized products by our customers.

systemtronic cuida del medio ambiente


At Systemtronic we are fully aware of the current and growing problems in environmental matters, so we are committed to sustainable development, committing ourselves to the protection and conservation of our environment in all actions of the company, both individually and collectively.

For this, our environmental policy is based on three basic mainstays: COMMITMENT, PREVENTION and TRAINING.

COMMITMENT to current environmental legislation, and to our internal standards of protection and quality

PREVENTION of incidents, putting it before correction at all means.

TRAINING of workers linked to Systemtronic, both at the level of their activity in the company and in their personal lives.

To carry out this Policy, we establish the following principles at the operational level:

  • Segregation, classification and evaluation of all non-recoverable residues, with a contract of removal by companies authorised by the competent authority.

  • Use of raw materials and consumables from recycling operations as much as possible.

  • Recycling of plastic moulded products that do not pass internal quality controls, with shredding mills.

  • Awareness of savings and reuse of materials at all levels of the company.

  • Implementation of basic energetic saving measures.

  • Training actions of internal and external awareness… We aim with this a commitment of continuous improvement of the environmental performance, which will be also a source of global economic benefit by the optimization of the resources, and which will be embraced in the general system of Quality Management.

All of us that belong to Systemtronic, assume this Policy, and are responsible for applying it in our daily work. From the Management, we try to promote the environmental improvement, assigning the necessary resources to this end and taking responsability for this Policy and its extent, diffusion and implementation.

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