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Our furniture is made of the best raw materials, guaranteeing therefore an appearance always new and durable. Our products stand out thanks to their adaptability and modern design, coexisting with classic, lasting in time and coexisting with new trends.

At Systemtronic, the quality is a daily challenge thanks to which all our products comply with the specifications required by the European norm related to ergonomics and safety. Therefore, they are guaranteed by the Controlled Quality Certificate issued by the Technologic Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Similar AIDIMA.

The Systemtronic’s quality policy includes the continuous and effective training of our employees. By walking along this line, we exhaustively control the processes of fabrication in order to discover any critical point and improve it continuously, searching for perfection.

The quality of our products, combined with the best customer supports are the key of the success of our company, for which we make efforts daily.

aidia certifica la calidad de systemtronic
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