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At ST-SYSTEMTRONIC, S.A. we are fully aware of the great importance and serious consideration of the current and increasing environmental issue, therefore we clearly bet on a sustainable development, committing ourselves to the protection and preservation of our environment at any company’s action, either at an individual level or collective.

For this purpose, our environmental policy is based on three basic mainstays: Commitment, Prevention and Training.

COMMITMENT to the environmental law in force, and our protection and quality internal standards.

PREVENTION on the impact before it needs to be amended.

TRAINING of the employees who are linked to ST-SYSTEMTRONIC, S.A., not only at the level of their activity inside the company, but also at the level of their private lives.

In order to carry on this Policy, we did establish the following principles at an operational level:

Segregation, classification and evaluation of all non-internally recoverable residues, with a contract of collection by companies authorised by the Competent Authority.

Use, whenever possible, of raw materials and consumables proceeding from recycling operations.

Recycling of plastic moulded products that do not pass the quality internal controls, with grinding mills.

Savings awareness and reutilisation of materials at all levels of the company.

Implementation of basic measures for energetic saving.

Training actions for internal and external awareness… We expect a continuous improvement commitment of the environmental action, which will also be a source of global economic benefit tending to the resources optimisation, and will remain incorporated to the general system of Quality Management.

All of us that belong to ST-SYSTEMTRONIC, S.A., we assume this Policy, and are responsible for applying it to our daily work. The Management attempt to drive the environmental improvement, by assigning the necessary resources for this purpose and be responsible for this Policy and its range, ensuring its diffusion and implementation.

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